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Knowledgeable decisions pay off ~ Give that new home a check up!

Why should I have a home inspection? 

When purchasing a new home, an inspection is an important step.  A home inspection is defined as a physical evaluation of a specific home/property and educates and informs you on the functional conditions of the home you are considering purchasing. 

Home Inspector

As the buyer, you pay for the inspection, which will cost between $250 and $500.   But don't let that stop you. Without an inspection, you could be making the biggest investment of your life in a lemon.  Even with a brand new house, there may be hidden problems that only a professional inspector can find.

The major areas usually covered in a home inspection include: foundation, construction, plumbing, heating/cooling systems, electrical, and interior.  Other items include: septic/wastewater, air quality (radon, etc….testing), water quality and more.

The inspector will provide you with a printed report showing the findings for the home. This report will provide the facts and will include photographs. If you need to renegotiate the purchase contract to include repairs consult your Realtor. If the inspection report is clean, it's time to get ready for the big day: the closing.  

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