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Vermont Home Buyers Center

Whether you, the home buyer, are purchasing your first Vermont home, relocating or simply moving to a larger home, Greentree Real Estate can help you with all of your Addison and Chittenden County Vermont real estate needs. Our professional staff is focused on your needs, helping you through your Vermont property search, financing approvals, negotiations, inspections, and closing. Connect with experienced Vermont real estate agents who understand the local Vermont housing market and can provide personalized service without pressure.

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"We Know the Market"

We help you evaluate home styles, property values, and communities throughout the Champlain Valley; selecting the one that best fits your needs. And this is all done without pressure in an enjoyable, relaxed atmosphere.

A Comprehensive Approach To Purchasing Your Home

  • Requests and Requirements
    Before you start looking, make a list of what you want and what your needs are in a home. 
  • Guide to Pre-Approval, not Pre-Qualification
    Before you start looking for a home, be sure to get "pre-approved" by your lender.
  • Guide to Moving
    Things to remember before you leave and after moving. Whether you are relocating to Vermont or simply buying a larger home in Vermont, our comprehensive guide to moving will help ensure a smooth transition.
  • Guide to Financing
    Prior to making an offer on a property, you should have a letter of pre-approval from a qualified lender confirming your ability to purchase a home. This step is crucial for Vermont home financing and ensures that you are pre-approved, not just pre-qualified, by your lender, giving you a significant advantage in the competitive Vermont real estate market.
  • What is a Closing?
    The closing is the end of weeks or even months of research and decision-making. Understanding the Vermont home closing process is essential to successfully finalize your home purchase. Our experts will guide you through each step to ensure a smooth and successful closing.

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