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What Do You Want in a Vermont Home?

Your New Home: Requests & Requirements

Before you start looking, make a list of what you want and what your needs are in a home. Once your list is made, review it, deciding what is most important -- which items are musts and which you are willing to give up. Assign each item a priority so that you will know what to look for as you begin house hunting. If you are purchasing a property with a partner, make sure that you take into consideration, the likes and dislikes of that person, and that your lists are a blend of priorities.

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Deciding where you want to live may be the single most important factor in choosing a home. Proximity to employment centers, shopping centers, schools, major traffic arteries, and other attractions are important and have significant influences on value. For example, real estate in Addison County offers more serene, rural settings, while homes in Chittenden County provide more urban conveniences.

Your choice of location may be limited somewhat by the price you can afford. Even so, make sure you consider such things as:

  • prices of properties and property taxes;
  • distance to work and the cost of the commute, schools, shopping, and entertainment;
  • proposed changes in land use such as commercial shopping centers and roads, and potential hazards such as flooding and noise from a nearby airport or highways.

Type of Home and Lot

A single-family detached home typically provides more living space and land area than other types of living units and permits you greater freedom (fewer restrictions) to remodel, expand, paint, and alter the appearance. 

If you don't like spending leisure time on yard work, consider a condo or garden (patio) home. Condos and garden homes often offer shared greenbelts and garden areas or membership in private recreational facilities such as swimming, golf, and tennis.

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New vs. Older Homes

Pre-owned homes usually have established yards, and the neighborhood or subdivision is usually built-out. However, they may require more maintenance and upgrades, making a Vermont home inspection crucial before purchase. 

New homes are not without problems. Although they require less maintenance in the first few years, you may have to put in landscaping and call the builders back to correct faults. And if buildings are still active in the area, you may have to endure nearby construction.

You could already have your dream home in mind. Then again, you might not know what you like until you see it. Either way, Greentree Real Estate will listen to your preferences and help you find your perfect home.


Connect with a knowledgeable Vermont real estate agent to guide you through the Vermont home buying process. Our agents understand local requirements and can help you find a home that meets all your criteria, from location to property type. Contact Greentree Real Estate to learn more about buying Vermont real estate.

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