Greentree Welcomes Mike Loner as New Salesperson

Greentree Real Estate Welcomes Loner

Monkton, VT Greentree Real Estate is delighted to welcome Mike Loner as their ninth licensed Rea Estate Agent. Loner joined Greentree this month as a newly licensed Realtor.

Mike has spent the last 13 years as the Executive Director and CEO of the DREAM Program, a nonprofit mentoring organization that matches college student volunteers with youth and families from affordable housing communities. He is also a Council Member of the Governor's appointed Children and Family Council for Primary Prevention, and is the Hinesburg representative to the Board of Directors of the Champlain Housing Trust. Mike is a University of Vermont graduate with a Masters degree in Public Administration.

With Mikes past experience and current volunteer roles, we feel confident he will be an asset to our agency and will hit the ground running, Bill Martin, owner and managing broker of Greentree Real Estate.

Mike lives with his wife and daughter in Hinesburg. Together, when their daughter is not playing soccer, they love hiking, backpacking and spending time outdoors.His work with the housing community has made him passionate about housing and helping people find their home. Mike looks forward to working with both buyers and sellers and can be reached at (802) 482-5718 or

Greentree Real Estate is located in Monkton, Vermont and is owned by Bill and Phyllis Martin and Katrina Roberts. Greentree Real Estate serves both buyers and sellers primarily in Addison and Chittenden Counties and throughout the Champlain Valley. For more information, please visit



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    Monkton Town Wide Yard Sale

    It's that time of year again! The Annual Monkton Town Wide Yard Sale is taking place Saturday, May 19th from 9am to 1pm at the Monkton Fire House. Come out and find some great deals while supporting local Girl Scouts in our community or host your own yard sale at your home.

    The event will take place both inside and outside the Monkton Fire House on State Prison Hollow Road and at homes throughout Monkton. If you would like to host a yard sale at your home or rent a table at the firehouse, please contact Jamie Steadman at 802-338-6731 or The cost is $10/table at the fire station or $10 for a sign for your yard and you will be added to the map that will be handed out the day of the event.


    This is a fun community event and a great fundraiser for the local Girl Scout troops.

     A bake sale table and lunch items will be available again this year!




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      Greentree Real Estate Welcomes Casco

      Monkton, VT -- Greentree Real Estate is delighted to welcome Margo Plank Casco as their seventh licensed Real Estate Agent.   Margo joined Greentree in September 2017 as a newly licensed Realtor.   

      Margo is a native Vermonter from Charlotte who graduated from the University of Vermont with a Bachelors of Arts in Studio Arts.  She has extensive experience as a photographer where she worked locally for over five years post college.  She transitioned into banking for the past six years with concentrations in business banking and personal banking including home lending. 

      "With Margo's enthusiasm for the industry and experience with home lending and photography, we are thrilled that she is starting her real estate career with us!" Bill Martin, owner and managing broker of Greentree Real Estate.

      Margo loves traveling, camping and spending time with her husband and two dogs in their newly renovated home in Hinesburg.  She is a passionate and active volunteer for Hands to Honduras ( which is a partnership program bringing together North American and Honduran communities to provide educational, technical, cultural, and humanitarian assistance to the Atlántida coastal region. She looks forward to working with both buyers and sellers and can be reached at (802) 453-4190 or

      Greentree Real Estate is located in Monkton, Vermont and is owned by Bill and Phyllis Martin and Katrina Roberts.  Greentree Real Estate serves both buyers and sellers primarily in Addison and Chittenden Counties and throughout the Champlain Valley. For more information, please visit


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        Greentree Real Estate goes above and beyond with Lab Camp

        At Greentree Real Estate we recently sold a house in Milton and told the owner that we would foster her Chocolate Lab until her new home was ready.


        The owner was trying to explain to her young son where their dog Ruby was. She told him that Ruby was at Lab Camp for the summer.

        We finally got them all to sit still for a picture. Here is Nellie, Lola, Ruby, Dozer and Malcom at Lab Camp:


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          Drones in Real Estate Marketing

          Nationwide in real estate we have been hearing a lot about the use of drones to take aerial pictures of properties for sale.

          The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) has now proposed rules regulating the use of drones due to mishaps with air traffic and also due to Homeland Security issues.

          Well, here in Vermont at Greentree Real Estate we don't use drones. We use a professional photographer - Buzz Kuhns - who goes up in a Cessna 172 Skyhawk with a local pilot when to take aerial photos of the many properties we represent for sale.

                           Adirondack feel home in Lincoln VT                            Lake Champlain home in Addison VT


          Interested in having your home featured on many local and over 100 national websites with aerial photos for sale by Greentree Real Estate? Contact one of the eight agents at or call 802-453-5232. We are local and we are here to help you. We even photographed our office in Monkton.






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          Vermont Restaurant Week

          The end of April brings a lot of rain showers, muddy roads and Restaurant Week to Vermont!  It's the perfect time of year when the season is changing as well as menus, and Vermont's finest restaurants show their stuff.  I've got 3 planned reservations and hope to make a few more!  Here's a link to the detailed website where you can see what restaurants are participating and what prix fixe menu options are being offered.


          The recap -

          What: Vermont Restaurant Week

          When: April 24th - May 3rd

          Who: Too many restaurants to name --- take a look at the website!

          How: Visit

          Bonus: The event raises money for the Vermont Foodbank so you eat wonderful food and it benefits others.  It's a win/win!

          Monkton Town Wide Yard Sale

          With warmer temperatures comes that urge to spring clean!  Monkton offers a well attended town-wide yard sale every May.  Start going through those basements and garages - your gently used items could be your neighbor's new prized possession! 

          Here's the details:

          What:  Monkton Town Wide Yard Sale

          When:  Saturday, May 9th, from 8am till 1pm

          Where:  3747 States Prison Hollow Road, Monkton (Volunteer Fire Department Building and Post Office)

          Questions: Contact Jamie Steadman at: or #802-338-6731

          Hosted by: Jamie Steadman, Toni Crosby & Tim Holloway with the Monkton Girl Scouts!

          Set up:  At the fire station on Friday, May 8th from 5-7 pm.

          General Info: To have a booth at the Fire Station please contact Jamie Steadman via the information above.  Many local homes also particpate at their own location, so grab a coffee and make it a garage sale morning in Monkton!

          Greentree Real Estate Announces Roberts as New Co-Owner

          Monkton, VT Greentree Real Estate is delighted to announce that Katrina Roberts has become a part-owner of the agency. Katrina joins Bill and Phyllis Martin who opened the real estate company in 2001. Katrina E. Roberts Photo (2)Katrina obtained her Realtor license in 2007 and became a Broker in 2014. She has spent her entire real estate career working with Bill and Phyllis Martin at Greentree. During that time, Katrina has worked with both buyers and sellers and has assisted homeowners with residential, condo, land and investment transactions. In addition to Katrinas growth as an owner, Greentree is growing in size to have a total of six Realtors join the company by early 2015. With this expansion in mind Bill Martin stated, Phyllis and I are energized by the growth of the company and feel now is the right time to add Katrina in an ownership capacity. Her background in marketing and public communications will greatly assist Greentree as we continue to be a valued resource to both home buyers and sellers throughout the Champlain Valley. Katrina has a BS in Marketing from Bentley University and prior to becoming a Realtor, worked for many local non-profits in marketing, public relations and fundraising capacities. She resides in Monkton with her husband and three daughters and volunteers for both the Monkton Central School and Hinesburg Nursery School. Katrina can be reached at or (802) 989-2833. Greentree Real Estate is located at 1317 Davis Road, Monkton in a renovated farmhouse in Monkton Ridge. Greentree Real Estate serves both buyers and sellers primarily in Addison and Chittenden Counties and throughout the Champlain Valley. For more information, please visit


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            What's So Special about Composite Decking

            Although our Vermont spring stillfeels a bit chilly, it won't be long before we are all barbecuing on the deck in the warm sunshine. Just thinking about this fabulous pastime made me check my deck to see how it weathered this past winter. And, like many of you, my raised 12 x 24 deck needs a good cleaning and staining and maybe a board or two replaced. I try toconvince myself thatit really only needs a little maintenance every two years or so, but honestly, it should be stained every year with the amount of harsh weather we receive. Also, at 13 years old this summer, we might be looking at replacing it in the near future.composite deck 1 If this sounds familiar, then maybe you too have considered an alternative to pressure treated wood. I am seeing composite decking more and more as I show homes and buyers always have a positive response. "Oh, that's great - No staining!" The compositelumber that is used for making decks isa mixture of wood fiber, plastic, and some type of binding agent. These ingredients are put together to form a material that is denser, stronger, and heavier than wood alone, a wood-plastic composite. Trex, Timbertech and MoistureShield are three common composite decking companies.Composite decking is resistant to rot, doesn't warp, won't give people splinters, and doesn't need to be painted, stained or sealed! (I'm sold!) composite deck 2But of course, like everything there is a downside. Composite decking is usually more expensive. When comparing your optionsof the initially least expensivepressure treated wood, exotic woods that will have a longer deck life but be more expensive, or composite decking, the up front costs of composite may be worth it. Composite decking costs often fall between those two wood options anddo have different varieties that can fit mostbudgets. So, the next time you look at your deck and the can of stain, you might justify the cost of low maintenancecomposite decking over the lifetime of the deck. .

            Does It Stay or Does It Go? The rules of personal property in Real Estate transactions

            This question often comes up in a real estate transaction, "What's included in the sale?" or "What's not"? It's very important to ask these questions with your RealtorBEFORE you write an offer, and if you aren't sure, confirm with the Seller. Personal property can get a little tricky, so here's some basics to help you sort through it.

            Do they stay or do they go?

            Do they stay or do they go?

            • Curtain RODS convey with the home. Curtains themselves DO NOT. As a general rule, if property is fixed to a wall with screws, nails, orbolts, it's part of the structure and will convey with the property. If you love the curtains there is a good chance that the Sellers may not be usingthe exact same ones at their new home, and may leave them as a courtesy if you ask. But you MUST ask for them in the contract, or expect to have bare windows when you move in.
            • In a majority of transactions, some appliances will convey with the property. The most common appliances to be included are stoves, refrigerators and dishwashers. Don't just assume the microwave, air conditioner, dehumidifier, washer and dryer are being left behind for youjust because you see them at the home when you view the property. Be sure to confirm what the Seller is including in the sale, and understand that any other item you wish to have conveyedmust benegotiated.
            • So, what about woodstoves, hot tubs, snow blowers and lawn mowers -- These items are also occasionally included in the sale, with the most common ones being wood stoves and hot tubs. Some lenders prefer to haveaccessory items such as lawn mowers and snowblowers NOT included as part of a purchase and sale contract. So if you are going to ask for them, youmay want to confirm with your lender that it's acceptable prior to writing them in a contract.
            • What aboutthe bedroom set of furniture?When it comes to large amounts of furniture, this MUST be handled outside ofthe real estate purchase and sale contract.You can ask your Realtor for guidance on when theappropriate time will be to negotiate the possible purchase of furnishings that the Seller maybe leaving behind.
            • And as a Seller, what if you wish to dig up Grandpa's rose bush to bring to the new house? Trees, plantings and shrubbery that are in the ground are considered to be part of the property and convey with the property. Occasionally we do have a Seller that will ask to bring a lilac or rush bush, or some special plant with them to their new home. This must be disclosed to the Buyer and written in the listing information. The seller will also need to repair any hole made and re-seed the area if necessary as a courtesy.
            • Lastly...ceiling fans, fancy chandeliers and lighting: Lamps do NOT stay with the home as part of the purchase, but all other lighting fixtures that are afixed to walls are conveyed with the property unless otherwise specified by the Seller. If the seller is taking a special chandelier to hte new house, then they must purchase a replacement light fixture to be included in the sale.
            Have fun shopping for homes this spring and remember....ASK FIRST and then WRITE IT IN THE CONTRACT!