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Pricing Your Vermont Home

Establishing the correct price is the most important factor.

We Must Consider the Current Market in Your Area

  • By researching current listings, we will understand the competition.
  • By examining recent sales, we will determine realistic selling prices.
  • By looking at failed listings, we will evaluate the factors that prevented their sales.

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Here is How Price Will Affect the Sale of Your Property

  • As the price of a home rises, the number of potential buyers becomes smaller.
  • A home priced high, relative to the market, takes longer to sell (if it sells at all).
  • A home priced high, relative to the market, gets fewer showings.
  • A home priced high, relative to yours, will help to sell your home (and vice versa).
  • A home, correctly priced, takes maximum advantage of the attention focused on your property during the first four weeks of a listing. It is during this time when the greatest number of agents and qualified buyers will view a property.

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