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Preparing for a Showing

Create Curb Appeal

Make a good first impression. Make sure your landscape is neat and your yard is free of refuse. Welcome your prospects. Have your entry area clean and freshly painted or varnished.

Space is Important

Before you list your house for sale hold a garage sale. You'll be surprised how much you have collected through the years and how many things you no longer want. A garage sale is a good source of income. Moving companies charge by the pound so, anything you don't move saves you money.

Pack unnecessary items early. You'll have enough to do as moving day arrives! Packing early will also allow you more time with family and friends as moving day draws near. Use different colored markers for each room when marking boxes. This will make moving in to your new home easier and more organized.

Pack heavy items in smaller boxes to avoid injury when lifting. Grocery stores are a good source for free cardboard boxes. Ask them to save boxes for you on days they receive shipments. Remember, boxes can also be purchased from moving companies.

Brighter is Better

Let the sunshine in. Open drapes, clean windows, turn on lights for an inviting look. Brighten basements with fresh paint. Remove unnecessary items to show full value of storage.

Connect with an Agent

Kitchens and Baths Make a Difference

Make your kitchen and baths sparkle. Keep counters clear and repair faucets and caulking.

Attend to the Details

Keep your home in "move-in condition." Clean carpets, rugs, and window coverings. Little things mean a lot. Fix the minor flaws, such as sticky doors and loose knobs.

Pet Control

If you have pets, make sure your listing agent puts a notice with your listing in the multiple listing service. The last thing you want is to have your pet running out the front door and getting lost. If you know someone is coming, it would be best to try to take the pets with your while the homebuyers tour your home. If you cannot do that, It is best to keep dogs in a penned area in the back yard. Try to keep indoor cats in a specific room when you expect visitors, and put a sign on the door. Most of the time, an indoor cat will hide when buyers come to view your property, but they may panic and try to escape.


Do not use scented sprays to prepare for visitors. It is too obvious and many people find the smells of those sprays offensive, not to mention that some may be allergic. If you want to have a pleasant aroma in your house, have a potpourri pot or something natural, bake cookies before people come, or if you must, use a mildly scented candle, which is blown out before your showing. Remember, overpowering scents show that you have something to hide, and buyers might equate the problem to something in the home, and not just your fish dinner from the night before

Connect with an Agent

The Kitchen Trash

Especially if your kitchen trash can does not have a lid, make sure you empty it every time someone comes to look at your home – even if your trash can is kept under the kitchen sink. Remember that you want to send a positive image about every aspect of your home. Kitchen trash does not send a positive message. You may go through more plastic bags than usual, but it will be worth it.

Three's a Crowd

When your home is being shown, leave. The potential buyer will feel like an intruder and will hurry through the home. They will not have time to inspect things as they might wish to or speak freely to a spouse or companion regarding their likes, dislikes, or features they want the other to notice.

Man's best friend

Keep pets out of the way - preferably out of the home. Even the friendliest pet can become anxious when strangers appear.

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