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Holiday Safety for the Home

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OK...I know it's early, but if you've already strung the gazillion lights, put the candles by the curtainsandforgotten to water thetree, then it would be too late!Regardless of how you celebrate this wonderful season, if it involves decorating your home, then keep in mind a few safety tips. Some of the statistics are staggering...
  1. One out of three home Christmas tree fires are caused by electrical problems
  2. December is the peak time of year for candle fires in the home.
  3. How many of us put that tree close to the fireplace or woodstove - One out of every six Christmas tree fires are caused by this!
  4. And here's the scariest - one out of every 40 home Christmas tree fires result in a death, compared to one out of 142 in structure fires.
So, there are some very simple things you can do to keep your home and your family safe this holiday season!
  1. MAKE SURE YOUR SMOKE ALARMS ARE WORKING! You should do biannual inspections regardless, but before that tree goes up, make sure your smoke detectors are operational.
  2. Water that tree! The difference between what happens when fire breaks out in well-watered tree versus a dry tree is alarming - watch this:
  3. Unplug lights and blow out candles BEFORE leaving the home - do not leave them unattended!
  4. If you are connecting multiple strands of twinkle lights, make sure to connect them to an outlet via an extension cord.
  5. If you do have candles going continuously, make sure they are on metal bases that are sturdy and if deep enough, filled with water.The flames should be enclosed inglass.
The National Fire Prevention Association has a great "Project Holiday"website with resources, PDF printouts, andeven gift tags that have reminders about turning off your lights (see below) Stay safe everyone and enjoy your home this holiday season! gifttags

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