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Keep Your Home on the Market this Winter

Many sellers think that once the snow starts to fly, they should take their home off the market for a few months so it will appear new and refreshed for the spring. Any Realtor will tell you, "If you want to sell your house, you need keep it active". You can't sell a home that isn't available for buyers to see. If you are still a doubter, here are some good reasons why keeping your home on the market even in Vermontwill help you sell it. snow 2 snow 3 snow pictures 1) Homes look lovely all decked out for the holidays. What a wonderful time to showcase the warmth that your home can provide to new owners! 2) Less inventory to compete with! Come April, your home may have 25 competitors, but in the middle of the winter, you could have less than 10. 3) Even with the parties and family visits, you can still allow access to your home. It's OK to ask for additional notice or make some limitations on evenings when you're entertaining. 4) Buyers that look in the winter are serious. If a buyer is looking for a new home in the winter, they aren't just window shopping. 5) And lastly, with all the technology available to buyers today, the winter weather does not have to be a huge deterrent. Much of the searching and pre-qualifying for a new home is done on-line before the actual viewing takes place. Soshovel those walk-ways, put out the twinkle lights and keep your house on the market. You'll be so happy when the listing rush happens in March andApril that you're not a part of it!