Katrina Roberts

Greentree Welcomes Mike Loner as New Salesperson

Greentree Real Estate Welcomes Loner

Monkton, VT Greentree Real Estate is delighted to welcome Mike Loner as their ninth licensed Rea Estate Agent. Loner joined Greentree this month as a newly licensed Realtor.

Mike has spent the last 13 years as the Executive Director and CEO of the DREAM Program, a nonprofit mentoring organization that matches college student volunteers with youth and families from affordable housing communities. He is also a Council Member of the Governor's appointed Children and Family Council for Primary Prevention, and is the Hinesburg representative to the Board of Directors of the Champlain Housing Trust. Mike is a University of Vermont graduate with a Masters degree in Public Administration.

With Mikes past experience and current volunteer roles, we feel confident he will be an asset to our agency and will hit the ground running, Bill Martin, owner and managing broker of Greentree Real Estate.

Mike lives with his wife and daughter in Hinesburg. Together, when their daughter is not playing soccer, they love hiking, backpacking and spending time outdoors.His work with the housing community has made him passionate about housing and helping people find their home. Mike looks forward to working with both buyers and sellers and can be reached at (802) 482-5718 or mike@vermontgreentree.com.

Greentree Real Estate is located in Monkton, Vermont and is owned by Bill and Phyllis Martin and Katrina Roberts. Greentree Real Estate serves both buyers and sellers primarily in Addison and Chittenden Counties and throughout the Champlain Valley. For more information, please visit www.vermontgreentree.com.



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    Monkton Town Wide Yard Sale

    It's that time of year again! The Annual Monkton Town Wide Yard Sale is taking place Saturday, May 19th from 9am to 1pm at the Monkton Fire House. Come out and find some great deals while supporting local Girl Scouts in our community or host your own yard sale at your home.

    The event will take place both inside and outside the Monkton Fire House on State Prison Hollow Road and at homes throughout Monkton. If you would like to host a yard sale at your home or rent a table at the firehouse, please contact Jamie Steadman at 802-338-6731 or jls2499@gmail.com. The cost is $10/table at the fire station or $10 for a sign for your yard and you will be added to the map that will be handed out the day of the event.


    This is a fun community event and a great fundraiser for the local Girl Scout troops.

     A bake sale table and lunch items will be available again this year!




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      Monkton Town Wide Yard Sale

      With warmer temperatures comes that urge to spring clean!  Monkton offers a well attended town-wide yard sale every May.  Start going through those basements and garages - your gently used items could be your neighbor's new prized possession! 

      Here's the details:

      What:  Monkton Town Wide Yard Sale

      When:  Saturday, May 9th, from 8am till 1pm

      Where:  3747 States Prison Hollow Road, Monkton (Volunteer Fire Department Building and Post Office)

      Questions: Contact Jamie Steadman at: jls_2499@hotmail.com or #802-338-6731

      Hosted by: Jamie Steadman, Toni Crosby & Tim Holloway with the Monkton Girl Scouts!

      Set up:  At the fire station on Friday, May 8th from 5-7 pm.

      General Info: To have a booth at the Fire Station please contact Jamie Steadman via the information above.  Many local homes also particpate at their own location, so grab a coffee and make it a garage sale morning in Monkton!

      Greentree Real Estate Announces Roberts as New Co-Owner

      Monkton, VT Greentree Real Estate is delighted to announce that Katrina Roberts has become a part-owner of the agency. Katrina joins Bill and Phyllis Martin who opened the real estate company in 2001. Katrina E. Roberts Photo (2)Katrina obtained her Realtor license in 2007 and became a Broker in 2014. She has spent her entire real estate career working with Bill and Phyllis Martin at Greentree. During that time, Katrina has worked with both buyers and sellers and has assisted homeowners with residential, condo, land and investment transactions. In addition to Katrinas growth as an owner, Greentree is growing in size to have a total of six Realtors join the company by early 2015. With this expansion in mind Bill Martin stated, Phyllis and I are energized by the growth of the company and feel now is the right time to add Katrina in an ownership capacity. Her background in marketing and public communications will greatly assist Greentree as we continue to be a valued resource to both home buyers and sellers throughout the Champlain Valley. Katrina has a BS in Marketing from Bentley University and prior to becoming a Realtor, worked for many local non-profits in marketing, public relations and fundraising capacities. She resides in Monkton with her husband and three daughters and volunteers for both the Monkton Central School and Hinesburg Nursery School. Katrina can be reached at katrina@vermontgreentree.com or (802) 989-2833. Greentree Real Estate is located at 1317 Davis Road, Monkton in a renovated farmhouse in Monkton Ridge. Greentree Real Estate serves both buyers and sellers primarily in Addison and Chittenden Counties and throughout the Champlain Valley. For more information, please visit https://vermontgreentree.com/.


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        Mud Season Staging

        I know we are all very excited about the extra sunlight after 5pm as the first day of spring is fast approaching this week. Daylight savings also starts the time of year when more homes come onto the market in our state. Our landscaping efforts take a while to get going in the spring, so our yards can seem a little dull and barren to say the least. If you're like me, and live on a dirt road, the exterior of your home may need a power wash and I guess...the windows will need to be dealt with . And mud. Yes, we're going to have lots of mud in the coming weeks. Daylight Savings + Spring + Vermont = MUD SEASON!
        Mud Season Ruts

        Mud Season Ruts

        If your home is listed for sale in the early weeks of spring as many sellers do to get the jump on the buying season, here's a few tips you can consider to help stage that home even when spring really hasn't quite sprung yet outside!
        • Have a small photo album available for buyers to view that shows your home in the BEST of all seasons. Include pictures of flower beds, a front shot of the home with GREEN grass in front, and maybe a nice foliage and snow shot.
        • Almost everyone takes their shoes off when viewing a home no matter what the season - it's just good manners - but when boots look like this just from walking from the car to the house, provide a place OUTSIDE your entry way for these boots to stay during the showing with maybe a courteous note.
        Mud Season Boots

        Mud Season Boots

        • Fresh flowers. Nothing says spring like a little bouquet of tulips. They can really add a cheery statement to an entryway or kitchen area.
        • Making cleaning the windows your first spring cleaning priority. I'm sure you're already keeping the house tidy because you want to sell it, but postpone cleaning out the closet....clean the dreaded windows first. It makes such a huge difference when buyers can gaze out the window and actually see what's outside.
        • If you live in a rural area and have a gravel/dirt driveway, keep an eye on those ruts. Sometimes a good steel rake can help even things out before a full grading is necessary. And for those big ruts, keep a bag or two of gravel handy.

        Property Inspections - A MUST!

        People buy homes year around, but here in Vermont, we do see a surge of purchasesbetween April and October when the weather is more favorable. As we are about to enter into this year's buying season, I would like to give all buyers out there some important advice- Get a Property Inspection! A property inspectionoccurs after a contract has been established andthe purchaserhires a third party inspector whowill review many ofthe home'smajor attributes. This inspection is usually conducted within the first twoweeksafter an offer is accepted. In most transactions, this property inspection is written as a contingency, so that the purchasers must be satisfied with the inspection results before proceeding with the transaction. The inspection may include, but is not limited to: the roof, foundation, heating, plumbing, water, septic, electrical, structural, mechanical, flues & chimneys and other major components together with all appliances included in the sale of the subject property. The inspector may not however do invasive inspections such as drill holes, take off siding or cause damage to the property in any way. A purchaser may choose any inspector he or she wishes as long as the inspector is not related to the purchaser, but as a convenience here is a Partial List of Vermont Inspectors. Occasionally I will have clients or customers that elect not to have a property inspection. In most of these cases, the purchaser is an investor, purchasing a home "AS IS" and will waive a property inspection in lieu of negotiating a more aggressive purchase price. But keep in mind, the property inspection is your only chance to "kick the wheels" of your new home before closing! It's better to find out what's wrong with your new home BEFORE you own it and have no recourse.

        Vermont Sweets

        Birrn Chocolates of  South Burlington

        Birrn Chocolates of South Burlington, Vermont

        We all know Vermont is known for it's maple treats, but did you know we have some really good chocolate treats as well? When I am thinking of sweet treats this time of year, a plethora of local options arise to choose from! Lake Champlain Chocolates being the most recognized brand with their wonderful holiday shaped chocolates, cocoa and fudge, but there are many other smaller companies that also deserve your attention.Vermont Cookie Love in Ferrisburg and the Vermont Brownie company in Winooski have very tasty (personally tested!) treats that are easily shipped anywhere you like! Snowflake Chocolates out of Jerichoand Birrn Chocolates in South Burlington...so good! Greentree enjoys supporting local businesses and thesespecific companies make it quite easy! So, if you're looking for a little something to bring to a holiday party...keep it local and keep it sweet.

        Holiday Safety for the Home

        OK...I know it's early, but if you've already strung the gazillion lights, put the candles by the curtainsandforgotten to water thetree, then it would be too late!Regardless of how you celebrate this wonderful season, if it involves decorating your home, then keep in mind a few safety tips. Some of the statistics are staggering...
        1. One out of three home Christmas tree fires are caused by electrical problems
        2. December is the peak time of year for candle fires in the home.
        3. How many of us put that tree close to the fireplace or woodstove - One out of every six Christmas tree fires are caused by this!
        4. And here's the scariest - one out of every 40 home Christmas tree fires result in a death, compared to one out of 142 in structure fires.
        So, there are some very simple things you can do to keep your home and your family safe this holiday season!
        1. MAKE SURE YOUR SMOKE ALARMS ARE WORKING! You should do biannual inspections regardless, but before that tree goes up, make sure your smoke detectors are operational.
        2. Water that tree! The difference between what happens when fire breaks out in well-watered tree versus a dry tree is alarming - watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=RNjO3wZDVlA
        3. Unplug lights and blow out candles BEFORE leaving the home - do not leave them unattended!
        4. If you are connecting multiple strands of twinkle lights, make sure to connect them to an outlet via an extension cord.
        5. If you do have candles going continuously, make sure they are on metal bases that are sturdy and if deep enough, filled with water.The flames should be enclosed inglass.
        The National Fire Prevention Association has a great "Project Holiday"website with resources, PDF printouts, andeven gift tags that have reminders about turning off your lights (see below) http://www.nfpa.org/safety-information/for-consumers/holidays/project-holiday Stay safe everyone and enjoy your home this holiday season! gifttags