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    New Property Inspection Legislation - 06.25.2014

    Gobbly gook.sf;ajflkjsflkajsdfl;kjaslfdkja;lskfjalsdkjf a;skdjfal;skfj llakkjsdfkjaslkfjals;dkjfl;askjdf;asldjfaslkdjfasdlkjfsdalkdjf asldkjfal;skjdflas;kdjfsaldkfjasldjfdaslkjfa lakskjdflkasjfldksj For more information, please visit the Vermont Secretary of State's Website on these new [...]

    What's So Special about Composite Decking - 05.05.2014

    Although our Vermont spring stillfeels a bit chilly, it won't be long before we are all barbecuing on the deck in the warm sunshine. Just thinking about this fabulous pastime made me check my deck to see how it weathered this past winter. And, like many of you, my raised 12 x 24 deck needs a good cleaning [...]

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    • You are amazing at what you do and a blast to work with!  -Ryan & Emily

    • You made a difficult process painless and fun. -Bill & Catherine

    • I greatly appreciated your cooperation and availability during the process.  Your positivity and friendliness made all the difference in a challenging time. -Amy D.

    Phyllis, thank you for lots of patience and understanding for us first time home buyers. -Jill J.


    It was a pleasure working with you. We appreciate and thank you for your time and effort. -Renata & Alek A.


    I don’t think we could have done it so smoothly and quickly without your help and expertise. -Doug & Shari L.



    You really are a top notch Realtor and we will definitely be recommending you!  -Carey H.


    … you provide outstanding service to your clients and we are so thankful to have worked with you. -Catherine W.


    we’ll be thanking you for a long time. -Zelda B



    You both made me feel very safe and secure in all our dealings. We love our new house. Thank you again for everything. -Peggy D.


    Thank you for your help and support and advice. -Janet & Vern C.


    Thank you for your determination, kindness and understanding; we appreciate all that you have done. -Clea C.



    • Phyllis, Thank you so much for making the sale of our home and the search for a new one go so smoothly. -Lori V. & John Z.

    • Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated. -Steve & Karen P.

    • You are great! We sincerely appreciate all of your guidance & patience. -Beth R.

    • Thank you for your guidance and compassion were a big help in this trying time of selling our parents home. -Liz P.
    • I consider you to be the best Realtors in Vermont. -Joe F.
    • Thank you for all your help and hard work. We really appreciate and value your time. -Frank and Kim P.


    I appreciate your walking me through each step as we went through the process.  Your knowledge, dedication and negotiating skills exceeded any expectations I had for purchasing a home. -Joanna H.



    After purchasing 10 homes around the USA, I can tell you that Bill is the most knowledgeable, dependable and totally honest Realtor I have ever worked with. -David B.

    Thanks for all your help!  As always, you were most professional and extremely  helpful.  I look forward to working with you in the future.  -Roger

    We are loving the new place..I know you’ve put a tone of work into this and we’re both so grateful!  -Lindsay






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